In the present day, Armlets are not used traditionally to that extent, but have become a popular fashion accessory. Armlets are largely used by women. In order to cater to the ever-changing demands armlets are available in different designs and styles. The ornament can be found in variants like oxidized metal, silver, gold, ceramic, ivory, etc. Though Armlets also called Baju Band, it  has lost its conventional fabricating style, yet Baju band (Armlet) still looks quite ethnic when paired with traditional clothes on celebrations and other special occasions, lending a fresh look to the whole apparel.




Costume Armlet Beaded Armlet And Designer Armlet






White Pearl Beaded  Silver Style Armlet







Metal Baju Band Party Wear Hand Made Gold Armlet








Latest Flowery Armlet For Party








Kundan And Pearl Beaded Gold Baju Band








Indian Traditional Baju Band Armlet








Flower Rhinestone Gold Upper Arm Bracelet Armlet








Fancy Designer Multi Color Pearl Beaded Armlets








Baju Band Arm Jewellery









Armlets Upper Arm Bracelets Gold Plated



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